I have to admit it though there are a few in this list of scary movies, no strike that, horror movies that scared the stuff out of me. I have no desire to watch again. "Texas Chainsaw massacre", "Evil Dead", "The Grudge", and "Dawn of the Dead". I remember I could not wait to get out of the darkened theatre and see nice safe daylight. Well for that matter the horror movie "The Exorcist". Scared me too. I think I should not have read that book.
And did you see on youtube that was left out of the original "The Exorcist"
where Linda Blair bends over backwards with her her head turned around and walks down the stairs like a spider. "Well excuse the hell out of me". I am only too glad I am just seeing that scene now. Yep, to me, that was the scariest film I think I've seen. That scary movie probably had such an impact because I was young when I saw it. I just remembered "Alien" frightened me too as did "Jaws".
Now "Saw" and "Hostel" were something else as well. If you want to see some really sick people scare the "Hell" of you. Watch "Devils Rejects" by Rob Zombie.The scariest thing about this film is that people like these exist, so it is included in this list of scary movies. It makes Deliverance look like just another day in the country. And speaking of country, Did you see the original "Lake Placid", the the giant crocodile. That is the funniest scariest croc movie I've seen. This one makes me want to see some more giant croc movies. Boy, that woman in florida last week that walked in on a alligator in her kitchen would had a fit to put it nicely, had she seen this movie first.
Hollywood's most popular horror, ghost, monster movies and of course actors. Original horror dating back to the days of Lon Chaney, Sci-Fi and Horror-Comedy,(spoofs), as in the old "Abbott & Costello" films are also included in this list of scary movies. Perhaps you will get chance to see your favorite horror thriller movie once you review this list of scary movies.
This list of scary movies includes the release date of these frightening movies and the rating where available.
Wow and I almost forgot the science fiction movies. I have listed the Sci fi movies on this site. The sci-fi movies listed on thislist of scary movies site is is equally as extensive as the horror films listings. Remember the first time you saw "Aliens" ,Did she scare the stuff out of you as well? How about the androis talking head?
So whats your top horror movies? I do not think I would truly ever be able to decide wht my top horror movies would be. There are always some quality top horror movies made each decade. I guess if someone worked on it long enough they could come up with a list 50 top horror movies or perhaps 100 top horror movies.
Top 10 Scary Movies
Recent Good n Scary Movies
1. The Exorcist
2. Alien
3. TexasChainsaw Massacre
4.The Shining
7. Poltergeist
8. Dawn of The Dead
10. Evil Dead
Drag Me To Hell
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List of Scary Movies
List of Scary Movies
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You Are About To View A Compiled List Of Scary Movies Nearly 2000 Classic & Recent. Movies Arranged By Category . This List of Scary movies contains the titles of the most frightening horror films ever made. Come on in.
This website list of scary movies is created to provide a list of scary movies for movie fans. Can't you easily remember at least one scary movie you watched as a kid. Of course you can. And as soon as you do. You then remember another scary movie, and another scary movie and still another scary movie. They're great entertainment. Well to you at least. I bet you know at least one person or more who thinks that you're a bit warped by liking scary movies. Because nowadays they can be so graphic, gory, and violent. But I guess we should collectively tell those folks, "Its only a scary movie". Its not real. I think...
Hey! I have to admit it, I love horror movies and this site is a list of scary movies, I mean really scary movies. Are scary movies of the 80’s your favorites well this scary movies lists includes scary movies and horror movies dating back to way before even before some of your parents were born. So its pretty extensive. If you like to watch really scary movies that include scary monster movies, you have come to the right website. I’m sure the top 10 scary movies of all time are included on the following pages of this exhaustive list. This includes year 2007 scary movies and will soon be updates to include new scary movies and links to other websites that contain scary movie info for your convenience
So enjoy and bookmark this list of scary movies as a reference to use for finding the titles rating and year for the best scary movies. Some folks will come up with all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t watch scary movies. The result of watching scary movies is good entertainment and some laughs and giggles.
But I don’t understand why. It’s just a movie! If you might be concerned about the effects of scary movies on kids, this scary movies list has ratings too, so you can find horror movies for kids. I’m sure you can find comedy movies about scary mansions great scary movies, funny scary movies for Halloween. Made recently scary movies will be added soon.
The result of watching scary movies is good fun entertainment and some laughs and giggles. I remember as a kid Bozo the clown scared the hell out of me. Actually, I still shy away from scary clown movies! Though mostly as an adult I feel I can watch horror movies more. Even the gore! Well almost. Even that has been taken to a new level.
Perhaps you can answer the question why scary movies are scary? You know what’s going to happen. I guess its just a matter of being unable to guess when.
If you like to watch really scary movies, you can use this list of scary movies as a resource to find the title, if forgotten.
The top scary movies ever will very most likely be on thislist of scary movies. And as they are located a link to the site that have free scary movies online will be added. Wouldn’t that be awesome. Like you, I looked and looked for a list of scary movies. I couldn’t find it, so I created my own and decided to share it. Also if you’d like to find scary movie DVD’s there is a link to a site for that as well. I’m sure you will good scary movies there as well as on this list of scary movies,
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